Pope Joan Guestbook Entries:  2004

Name: Bailey Henson
Location: Vail, CO
Date: Friday, December 31, 2004
Time: 01:24 PM

To all those unwilling readers: I too was a nonreader until a great friend of mine, Tegan, told me about this book. I read it in a matter of a day and a half. I literally could not put it down. My previous experiences with reading were a huge turn off to any other written wonders. I am now an avid reader, thank you Donna Woolfolk Cross, for giving me the second chance to realize what is out there.

Name: Ewa
Location: Sweden
Date: Saturday, December 25, 2004
Time: 04:34 PM

Just want to tell you that of all the books I've ever read this is, without competition, the best one. I have propably convinced/forced over 100 people to read it. So far all of them have thanked me :) Congratulation to a great master pice. Hope to read some more of your books soon! Regards from Sweden

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Name: Carol Charles
Location: Boynton Beach, FL
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Time: 06:43 PM

It was great meeting you by phone at our Book Club. Your book was as enjoyable as you were on the speaker phone. Please send me information on how I can contact your agent regarding a speaking engagement here in South Florida. Also, can't understand why Oprah hasn't grabbed you for her show?

Name: Johanne Storm
Location: Denmark
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Time: 12:40 PM

Hey.. I'm not sure what I exactly want to tell you, except that I LOVE YOU BOOK SO MUCH..!! It is so well-written and fantastic, and it really makes people think. My name is Johanne, which would be the nordic name for Joan, like Jeanne in french( And I have blond hair and green eyes)... And I felt like some of pope joan was me.. This is a very selfish pont of view I know, and it really doesn't come out the way I want. But I think that is the magical thing about your book. it is a very personal experience to read it. As a woman and a person, I felt like it was a story about me.. And I guess it is. It is a story about how women has been treated in the history.. Like crap, and this is just.. I don't know, a very life-afirming book to read. Like my life is quite special, and I should be grateful for the freedom that I have, and my ability to learn. You really cause a new passion for learning as much as possible!! THANKS!!! For all the knowledge that you gave me... Johanne

Name: Terry Young
Location: Aurora, CO
Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Time: 02:56 PM

Dear Donna, One of our most exciting book group meetings was when we discussed Pope Joan with you. At that time you talked about your "novel in progress" without telling us who, what, or when. When is this new book going to the publishers? We can't wait to read it. Terry

Name: Jill Pierson
Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Date: Thursday, December 02, 2004
Time: 05:53 PM

I am a high school English teacher and am using Pope Joan in our World History/World Literature class, which the students are very excited about. I am wondering if there are any "teacher resources" out there for this text to really help the students get the most out of the experience. I am also curious about books on tape for our slower readers and resource kids. Any suggestions?

Name: Sharon Leach
Location: Naples, NY
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004
Time: 10:08 AM

CONGRAGULATIONS! on your upcoming interview. We are waiting anxiously for the 23rd and wish you all the best. It's well-deserved. Cricket

Name: Becky
Location: Gothenburg
Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Time: 10:43 AM

Pope Joan is one of the best books I´ve ever read. I love to read stuff that will get your imagination burning. I´m really exited about the movie project, as I´m dieing to becom an actress. Thank you!

Name: Camille Tisdel
Location: Syracuse, NY
Date: Saturday, November 13, 2004
Time: 09:04 AM

Your book is really a gem. I have recently convinced my mother to read it and she tells me she already loves it. I have also recommended the book to family in California. My aunts in California enjoy books that make them think and inspire them...I am sure they will find this book in that category. Thank you and good luck with the new novel. I can't wait until it is released.

Name: Jacqueline N. Fox
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Time: 11:22 AM

At the age of thirteen I was given a book by my Grandmother that would alter the course of my life forever. That book was Pope Joan. The book Pope Joan was an inspiration to me to fulfill all my dreams, and let no obstacles stand in my way. The main character, Joan, gave me hope and a new found understanding of what I will be able to achieve if I work hard enough and set my mind on my future goals. I am now 21 years old and a National Honor Society student. I am pursuing my goal to become a Doctor of nuclear medicine. Throughout the course of my life I know that the book, Pope Joan, has been one of the main influences of my high and college years.  She has given me the strength to achieve goals that I thought were once out of my grasp. I will never forget the book Pope Joan for it has changed me in so many astounding ways as a young women.

Name: Michael Craig
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Time: 07:22 PM

Met you this week at EPCOT. Really enjoyed our conversation. Hope the rest of your trip is going well. As I mentioned Saturday night, I would love to get a signed hard cover copy of the book for my wife this Christmas. Please tell me what I need to do. Thanks and good luck on Primetime (LIVE)! Mike Craig

Name: Carol Tess
Location: De Pere, WI 54115
Date: Monday, November 08, 2004
Time: 08:30 PM

Maybe you will remember me. I am your biggest fan in WI. You have talked to 3 bookclubs that I belong to and each time you have made me look like a hero! I have become famous here in little De Pere because I "know" an author. Now the local YWCA has contacted me to see if I could talk you into speaking in person to The Women of Vision. The annual meeting is May 3rd, 2005. It is held at noon and the speaker is ask to talk for about 30 minutes. I see that you are now doing appearances. Could you please let me know what cost are involved? Please let me know what you thank of this idea. Go Pope Joan!! carol tess

Name: Michele Flower
Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Date: Sunday, November 07, 2004
Time: 05:51 PM

I can't thank you enough for all of the time you spent chatting by speakerphone with the Cedar Crest Farms Book Club on Thursday evening, October 21st. It was thrilling for each and every one of us! We are still talking about it. Joan's heroism and the magical way you were able to blur the lines between fact and fiction made this one of our all-time favorites. Our well-loved copies are sure to be sent to friends and family across the country with an enthusiastic recommendation to schedule an Author Chat. We plan to stay tuned

Name: Elke
Location: Germany / Stuttgart
Date: Thursday, November 04, 2004
Time: 05:47 PM

This book is number 10 in German book charts but for me its number 1!!!! Wonderful work, very good investigated, very touching and thrilling, I couldnt stop reading once I started reading that book!!

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Name: Jennifer
Location: Dallas Tx.
Date: Sunday, October 31, 2004
Time: 04:42 PM

This is one of the best books I've ever read. Is it available as an audio book? I can't wait to read her new novel.

Name: Julie Hodges
Location: Austin, Texas
Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Time: 09:14 AM

This is a WONDERFUL book. My favorite genre is historical fiction. I am fascinated to know that these events took place. MANY friends loved it as much as myself. When are you publishing a new book??

Name: Mary Santi
Location: Wautoma, Wisconsin
Date: Friday, October 22, 2004
Time: 02:01 PM

Please keep us updated with what is happening with Pope Joan, the movie and any new books you have coming out. Thanks, Mary Santi Bookworms! LLC Wautoma, WI www.BookwormsLLC.com

Name: Robin B
Location: PA
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2004
Time: 10:25 PM

Thank you Ms. Cross!!! Our book club had a speakerphone chat this evening. What a wonderful experience. My daughter (12) also enjoyed the book. She is an avid feminist and loves history. You and Joan set a wonderful example.

Name: Linda
Location: Bflo.,NY
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2004
Time: 05:46 PM

What about her lack of a beard? Did men shave at that time?

Name: Joe
Location: North Huningdon, Pennsylvania
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2004
Time: 09:53 AM

Our bookclub enjoyed the company of Donna, via conference call, the other evening. She added a dynamic dimension to the group's discussion of Pope Joan. Donna's insightfully witty responses and comments provided a very special element to our meeting. You owe it to yourself and your bookclub members to invite her to your next meeting.

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Time: 04:21 PM


Name: Margie Coggins
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Groupname: Delphi Society
Date: Monday, October 18, 2004

I have had the privilege and honor of being part of two previous book club speaker phone chats with Donna and I very much want to share the experience with this book club as well. We have been together for 24 years and I don't want us to miss this opportunity. Margie

Name: Mary Link
Location: West Point, Iowa
Date: Saturday, October 16, 2004
Time: 02:39 PM

We had our chat with Donna this morning and it was an exciting event. All of our members were interested in the answers to our questions and the insight Donna gave us about her research and original idea. To have an author converse with us was really something unique. We are waiting for her next book and plan to see the movie Pope Joan as a group. Thanks for the fun time. Mary Link, West Point, Iowa

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2004
Time: 03:46 PM


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Name: Myra Singer
Location: Washington DC
Groupname: Washington DC Book Club
Date: Sunday, October 10, 2004

This is the one of the most interesting books that our book club has read. Most of us are "feminists." All of us enjoyed it and learned about a feminist in the ninth century. Joan could have been the first woman president of the United States if she were here today!

Name: Jane Imber
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Time: 09:07 AM

Thank you once again for the marvelous, wonderful phone chat last night. Your thoughtful comments added so much to our reading in general and specifically our reading of Pope Joan. We're looking forward to your next novel as well as Hollywood's version of Joan.

Name: Stephanie Rouse
Location: Seward, NE USA
Groupname: Tuesdays@Liberty
Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Two us were present during your visit to the Seward Memorial Library on 9-26-04 and enjoyed your talk so much that we want to give the other club members an opportunity to visit with you.

Name: Deb Chadwick
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Time: 10:13 AM

I attended Donna's talk in Seward, Nebraska and found it to be one of the best hours I have ever spent. Ms. Cross is a captivating speaker who keeps people engrossed and laughing at the same time. I am fascinated with the amount of research needed for Pope Joan and truly look forward to her next book. I love to see women writers do so incredibly well! I would like to be updated regarding the film's progress.

Name: Vikki Gremel
Location: Seward, Nebraska
Date: Monday, September 27, 2004
Time: 06:31 PM

We were priveleged to have Donna come to our new library and review her book IN PERSON! Many thanks to the Omaha book club ladies that hosted her and made it possible for us to bring her out to Seward. What a delightful afternoon! Pope Joan deserves to be on the NY Bestseller list. Can't wait for the movie and the new 17th century book to come. Thank you Donna!

Name: Alona Ermolaeva
Location: Sweden
Date: Monday, September 27, 2004
Time: 12:11 PM

Hi! Your book is sooo wonderful and interesting! I`m fourteen and never though I`d like it so much. Now I reed it sometimes. Is pope Joan true? Have you writen more books?

Name: Julie Klein
Location: Sylvania, Oh USA
Groupname: St. Vincent's Auxiliary Book Club
Date: Friday, September 24, 2004

I was in another book group and loved your book I am so excited that this second group has now chosen it as well. It has been a few years since I read it and look forward to re-reading it. I hope that you can participate in a chat with us because 3 years later I am still talking about your chat with my last group!! Julie Klein

Name: Debbie Gettes
Location: Plymouth Meeting,Pennsylvania
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2004
Time: 08:32 PM

It was such a pleasure to have you "attend" My Book Club on Monday night. Although you couldn't hear us perfectly, we could hear you. EVERYONE loved the chat. You gave us great insight into how you conceived the idea, researched the book and wrote it. It was wonderful to have all of our questions answered. I just wish more authors cared about their audience as you do. You could tell by the applause how happy and delighted we were. Thank you again for all of us. This certainly has been the highlight of our meetings and we will begin our ninth year in January. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Debbie

Location: BUFFALO, NY
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2004
Time: 07:35 PM


Name: Lisa Oatman
Location: McGregor, Texas
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Time: 03:04 PM

What a wonderful evening our book club had last night! It was great to have Donna call and talk with all of us by speakerphone. We so enjoyed being able to ask Donna her thoughts on a point instead of speculating about her ideas. What a wonderful idea to be able to speak directly with the author. Donna we all look forward to the release of your next book.

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Name: Liz Merchant
Location: Surprise, AZ
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Time: 11:08 PM

Our church book club had a speaker discussion with Donna a few years ago, and it remains the highlight of our group's meetings. I hadn't visited the site for some time and am glad to hear that the production of the movie version is progressing. Can't wait! Donna, we were not kidding when we invited you to premiere it here in the Phoenix area!

Name: Lynda East
Location: Media, PA
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Time: 04:34 PM

Our book group at Borders' in Springfield, PA met last night and your name came up. We were discussing "Last Report of the Miracles at Little No Horse" by Louise Erdrich and a member commented on the theme similar to "Pope Joan". Our group greatly enjoyed both novels and we are all anxiously awaiting the release of your new book. Take care. Lynda

Name: Michele Flower
Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Groupname: Cedar Crest Farms Book Club
Date: Monday, September 20, 2004

Our group has been meeting for over four years. We continually strive for ways to personalize the experience. A Tea Ceremony payed homage to Japanese culture and "Memoirs of a Geisha." Our reading of "The Passion of Artemisia" coincided with an exhibit of her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. When we finished "Franklin and Eleanor", several members went to their summer home at New Hyde Park and lunched at the Culinary Institute. An Author Chat with Donna Woolfolk Cross would be the ultimate for a group like ours. We are thrilled at the possibility!

Name: Tim J.
Location: Williamsburg,VA
Date: Saturday, September 18, 2004
Time: 04:57 PM

While on a christmas shopping outing I ran across this book as a good read for my mom and bought it on the spot as a christmas gift. Later in January I found it unread in her room cuirous I picked it up and began to read within the next two nights I had finished it and was absolutely captivated by it. I have since read it 4 times to enjoy and get more historical information to better understand it. I would also like to say that me being a teen that this si the best adult aimed historical account i've ever read and my parents both being historians i've read very many. Power to the people

Name: Sheryl
Location: Mansfield, MA
Date: Friday, September 17, 2004
Time: 03:41 PM

Good Book. Is it really based on fact?

Name: Margaret Thomson
Location: North Bay, Ontario Canada
Groupname: Olive's Book Club
Date: Thursday, September 09, 2004

What a wonderfully inspiring book. Joan is a character that can be used to ignite the female spirit, and encourage women to achieve success.

Name: Nancy de Wied
Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: Thursday, September 09, 2004
Time: 05:06 PM

As our book club has been together for over four years, we are always looking for a new twist to our meetings. The visit with Donna was much anticipated and despite the fact that the author has to speak to the air and knows not who or how many she is speaking to, it was a very interesting experience and one to be recommended to other groups. It seems like quite a luxury to get to speak to the actual writer of a book and we hope that this groundbreaking trend does not go unnoticed by other authors as we'd take the plunge again. Thank you Donna and good luck with your next book---we'll look forward to it!

Name: Meredith Norwood
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Time: 01:35 PM

Our book club just completed a speakerphone conference call with Donna. Truly a first to be able to converse with the author of a book! We enjoyed asking about characters, how one sustains the search and organizes all the data into an interesting read. Donna put us at ease and provided lots of interesting tidbits. I recommend the experience to any book club.

Name: Joan Schoff
Location: Allison Park, PA
Date: Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Time: 03:53 PM

I would like to read the full reviews, parts of which are quoted here and elsewhere. Do you have copies available and are you willing to share them?? I have not been able to find links to them elsewhere. Thanks

Name: Catherine Scott
Location: Wildwood, GA
Date: Monday, September 06, 2004
Time: 09:30 PM

I'm from Baylor School, and I'm in Mrs. Harris's class for French. I read your book for extra credit, and I read it in a day; I thought it was amazing. I loved your book, especially the scene in the wedding chapel and all the scenes between Joan and Gerold. I thought Joan was such a well-developed character. I'm not normally a historical fiction person, but I thought this was an excellent book, and it's become one of my favorites.

Name: Wendi
Location: Fresno, CA
Date: Friday, September 03, 2004
Time: 12:14 AM

I'm just home from my book club, The Dessert First Book Club, and we just had a GREAT speakerphone chat with you! Thank you so much for coming to our group tonight. Having you answering questions added real depth to our discussion. After you hung up, I was struck by something you said. You quoted George Bernard Shaw about some people being reasonable and some being unreasonable, and that it was the unreasonable ones that bring about change. (What a paraphase that is!) You thought that Joan was one of the unreasonable ones. I agree. However, in discussing Gottschalk, it seemed that he was just crazy because he kept on getting himself into serious trouble and twice in the book, Joan had a role in rescuing him. The last time was due to his "heretical" views of predestination. His views, however, were the same as Augustine before him, then echoed later in the 1500's by Calvin. So an argument could be made that Gottschalk was not crazy, he was just unreasonable. How much more unreasonable is one who would hide her gender, give up her great love, to be able to learn and read, to be free, to be Pope, than one who would speak out his beliefs only to be beaten within an inch of his life? I thought Gottschalk a very interesting character in your book and wished I could know more about him.

Name: Ruth
Location: Moorhead MN
Date: Monday, August 30, 2004
Time: 09:54 PM

I see that several people have asked how the movie is coming. I'd like to know also. How do we find out?

Name: Tracy S.
Location: New York, NY
Date: Sunday, August 29, 2004
Time: 09:56 AM

A work colleague gave me Pope Joan to read after hearing I was deciding to return to school for a career change. The portrayal of Pope Joan is an absolute inspiration. I'm now doing further research to learn as much about her as possible! Thank you for a novel with great meaning that touches your life in a very real way, no matter what the skeptics say about Joan herself.

Name: Cecily Carr
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Date: Monday, August 23, 2004
Time: 01:38 PM

Thank you for spending your time with us last Wednesday evening. We really enjoyed having you answer our questions regarding the book and the writing process. 

Name: morris
Location: Syracuse,Ny
Date: Saturday, August 21, 2004
Time: 03:45 PM

How is the movie progressing? When will it be released? If it is only half as intriguing and absorbing as your novel it will still be a blockbuster! Very anxious also for your next novel to come out!

Name: Bookfr-ends Book Club
Location: Plymouth, MN
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Time: 09:14 PM

Thank you for a wonderful, insightful speakerphone conversation. We enjoyed your passion for both the topic (Pope Joan) and literature in general. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

Name: Maureen Francis
Location: Birmingham Michigan
Groupname: Marian High School Alumnae Book Club
Date: Sunday, August 08, 2004

Our group consists of graduates of a Catholic girls' high school and some faculty members from the English and Religion Departments. We've already scheduled our next meeting date for Aug 19th, and I haven't really checked with the rest of the group, but if you are available, I know they will be giddy even if we have to change dates. One of the English teachers has been suggesting the book for a long time, but a few people had already read it, so we had put it off until now. I picked it up two days ago and read straight through. Now I wish there were more to read. Thank you for a great book.

Name: joanne
Date: Saturday, August 07, 2004
Time: 07:56 PM

Hi, i really love the book Pope Joan. Any news on the movie version? When is it coming out? I'd hate to miss it...

Name: Lynda East
Location: Media, PA 19063
Date: Saturday, August 07, 2004
Time: 01:01 PM

Donna, Our book group at Borders' in Springfield, PA "spoke" with you almost two years ago. (We were the group that the speakerphone didn't work properly, we could hear your responses but you couldn't hear the group.) We are still excitedly awaiting the movie, and wonder how work is progressing on your next novel, about a French woman in the 17th Century, if I remember properly. We tried to guess her identity but could use another clue. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon. Lynda East

Name: Debbie Lacy
Location: Eldon, Mo
Date: Saturday, July 24, 2004
Time: 10:41 PM

Donna, thank you so much for the gift of your time on Wednesday night. When you hung up your phone did you hear nine women scream and clap with delight? We were like a bunch of teenagers that had just talked to David Cassidy (guess how old I am!) I so appreciated your words about the writing process--I can't wait to share your words with my first graders: "If you have a blank page, you have nothing." and "If you have rotten writing you can fix it." Best of luck with your next book--can't wait to talk to you about it!--Debbie Lacy, Eldon Book Friends. PS Thought you'd be interested to know that our oldest member in attendance that night was 95 year old Helen!

Name: Llova Hickman
Location: Centennial, CO
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Donna, Our bookclub spoke with you over a year ago after we read your book. We were wondering when the movie will be out, because we don't want to miss it. Thank you.

Name: Katie
Location: Mesa, AZ
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Time: 01:56 AM

I just finished reading Pope Joan after only two days of starting it. I can honestly say it is one of the best and most inspiring books I have ever read. As this is the summer before I will begin my freshman year in college this book struck home and has renewed in me my thirst for knowledge and self-confidence. Ms. Woolfolk Cross's words will forever be with me when she says, "to empower yourself in this world you must learn."

Name: Maggie
Location: NJ
Date: Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Time: 09:32 PM

I just finished reading this book for the third time. I can’t get enough. It shows the determination and strength of a woman to make it not only in a mans world but in the brutal world of Ninth Century. I must say this is a gifted writer and she has inspired me to keep seeking out more information about this woman. Thank you for your wonderful words.

Name: Joyce Brugnoli
Location: North Huntingdon, PA. U.S.
Groupname: Seasoned Readers
Date: Wednesday, July 07, 2004

We selected "Pope Joan" because of the interesting time period that the novel takes place. We are a mixed group of men and women who have been together as a reading group for over three years. The possibility of being able to actually direct questions to the author highly interests our group. We hope that this will become a reality!

Name: Lynda East
Location: Media, PA
Date: Saturday, July 03, 2004
Time: 02:45 PM

Donna, You spoke with our Book Group by speakerphone at Borders' Books in Springfield, PA almost two years ago. We still talk about your "visit" AND your wonderful novel. We haven't figured out who is the subject of your new book and are anxiously awaiting news of it's publication. We are also awaiting news about THE Movie. Can you throw us any crumbs? Take care, Lynda East

Name: dianne hoff
Location: flagstaff, AZ
Date: Monday, June 28, 2004
Time: 09:28 AM

When is the movie coming out? Is there another NOVEL in the works?? This is the best book I have ever read, and I want more!

Name: Barbara Smith
Location: San Clemente, Ca.,
Groupname: Sisters
Date: Friday, June 25, 2004

What a great book! So many areas to explore for so many different types of readers! We are excited to be reading your book and gaining greater insight to the blessings we all enjoy today!

Name: Anika Winnebeck
Location: Germany, Köwerich
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2004
Time: 02:45 PM

Hello, When I start to read the book I was eleven. Now I`m thirteen and I have read the pope joan very often. I love this book. Now I search the Liber Pontificalis, because I want to know more about pope joan. The book Pope Joan is wonderful.

Name: Daphney Partridge
Location: Eldon, Missouri, USA
Groupname: Book Friends
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2004

WOW!! The thought of actually speaking with Donna Woolfolk Cross is so exciting. We've had POPE JOAN on our reading list for over a year and in doing my research as discussion leader, I came upon this live chat idea. I know that this would be the highlight of a much-anticipated discussion.

Name: Marjorie Moore
Location: Martinez, CA
Date: Monday, June 21, 2004
Time: 09:36 AM

Our book group at the Martinez Senior Center loved or liked the book. We had our most animated discussion ever about Pope Joan. The main question was/is: did Joan die when she gave birth? We all agreed that we weren't sure. As the person that recommended the book I volunteered to write to you to ask. HELP! I kept a copy of the book so I can go back to it when you reply. Need the answer before our next meeting on July 12th. Thanks so much for the entertaining read.

Name: Sue Queen
Location: Evergreen, CO
groupname: The Jello Queens
Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My friend told me about this phenomenal book and now my book club is reading it. Another friend told me about your speakerphone chats and we are all excited so hopefully it'll work. So far, I absolutely love the book. It is so interesting and insightful. Since I am a teacher and off for the summer, I read way into the night. A perfect summer read! Hope to talk to you soon!

Name: Andrea
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My name is Andrea and I am 15 years old. I am not actually in a book club, but I could find no other way to get in contact with Ms. Cross. I am writing a historical fiction novel of my own, and I so admired her work. I am struggling though, and would love more than anything to hear about the experience of a woman who has done the same thing and produced such a magnificent product. Please, please give me this opportunity. I will make available ANY time or day that is best for her. I know this doesn't fall under the category of book club discussion, but a few minutes just to talk to her about her writing would mean the world to me. I know she would be a priceless source of inspiration and advise for me as I work to complete my own book. All the thanks in the world and God bless.

Name: Sylvie
Location: Belgium
Date: Saturday, June 12, 2004
Time: 04:07 PM

Hi, I'm a Frenchspeaking resident in Belgium and just finished reading "Pope Joan" in German language, published by "Aufbau Taschenbücher". I found it wonderful. And undesrtood very well why Mrs Cross chose the form of a novel to tell the mysterious story of the only woman pope ever. My question is really the following : I would like to make a gift to my mother with the same book but in French, as my mother doesn't speak either English or German. Apparently the latest French release of this book dates back to 1998 and is no longer available in bookstores. Question to Donna Cross: do you plan another release in a Frenchspeaking edition and when ? Thank you for taking your time in reading and answering my request. Sylvie

Name: Vihra Groueva
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Date: Friday, June 04, 2004
Time: 03:00 PM

I enjoyed the book very much and but what jumped out at me after re-reading Pope Joan was the frequent use of the words cherub and chagrin. I was wondering if there was any significance or if the author just liked those words.

Name: Debbie Gettes
Location: Plymouth Meeting,Pennsylvania
Groupname: My Book Club
Date: Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My Book Club just met tonight. Pope Joan was recomended to me by another person who is in a book club in the Washington DC area. I wanted to tell My Book Club about the book and I found this website. As I was researching I found the speaker phone chat and just knew My Book Club would love to read it and chat with you. And they did! So here I am filling out the chat request form. I look forward to speaking with you! Debbie Gettes

Name: Jane Imber
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Groupname: Last Tuesday of the Month Book Club
Date: Tuesday, June 01, 2004

We had so much fun May 24 in my school book club that I'd like to schedule another speakerphone chat with my evening group. We are a varied group of women that have been together about 15 years and have selected Pope Joan as our September book. Thank you.

Name: Peggy Kunkel
Location: Amelia Island Fl.
Date: Sunday, May 30, 2004

This was a real page turner and very inforative, especially shooking to read about the oppression of women of that time.

Name: Carol Haines
Location: Bremerton WA
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Time: 12:56 PM

We had the most wonderful meeting. The chat with Donna is the highlight of our last year of reading. Thank you so much for making our time together the best!! Carol for all the U-U Women Who Love to Read

Name: Becky Friesen
Location: Loma Plata, Paraguay
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Time: 08:55 PM

I never read a book like this before!! At the same time I could read a interesting story and learn lots of new things about the Middle Ages. The book is just amazing, and it took me very short time to finish the reading, because I "had" do read it all, I just couldn't put it away.

Name: Odette Hugues
Location: Gig Harbor, Wash.
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Time: 04:32 PM

Thank you so much for speaking with our group last night. It was a very special event and spawned high decibel conversations afterwards. In some undefinable way it brought us all closer I think. The book was wonderful but the opportunity to speak directly with the author was great. Thanks. I've recommended it to my daughter's bookclub. I hope we don't exhaust you!

Name: Gail Phillips
Location: Huntsville, TX
Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Time: 10:25 AM

The members of the SHSU faculty women's book club were really impressed by your generosity in sharing an hour of your time with us on Monday evening, May 17. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and I have even started a notebook for my first novel after years of thinking about it. This is a good thing since I am recently retired and having health problems that keep me at home most of the time. I just wanted you to know that you are my inspiration because our strong women role models do not all come from the past. Your love for what you do really comes across, and you appear so down-to-earth that our group felt we could ask you anything. My colleagues were so excited about the telephone chat that they asked me to submit an article to our local newspaper about it, which I did. After all, it's not every day that we get to "meet" the author of our favorite book. Thanks again for sharing yourself with us. Gail Phillips

Name: Becky Baker
Location: Seward, Nebraska
Groupname: Discussions Unlimited
Date: Friday, May 14, 2004

We are reading Pope Joan as an "all community read" and the author call will be the culminating event. In addition to this call, we would appreciate any pr materials that are available now to help promote this title (bookmarks, brochures, posters, author bio & photo for newspaper, etc.). Our Discussions Unlimited group read this title a few years ago, and to date it is the only title we have read over a 10 year period that every member loved. We are all eager to re-read Pope Joan and to introduce the community to this great story. Thanks! Becky Baker, Library Director

Name: Marlene Miner
Location: Delray Beach ,Florida
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Time: 10:55 AM

Your speakerphone call to our book group was a special treat, especially since you spoke to my daughter's book group in New York the night before. It was our best meeting ever. We all thoroughly enjoyed the book and thank you for speaking to us. We plan to view the movie as a group as soon as it is released. Looking forward to your next book.

Name: Jill Zoll
Location: N Syracuse NY
Date: Monday, May 10, 2004
Time: 07:51 PM

I just came home after spending a fabulous hour or more listening to your presentation to our Senior Center and Book Club on how your wonderful book came to be and all the work that went into its creation and came home with my own personal copy for my home library autographed, wow. I can't thank you enough such an enjoyable evening and I will be watching for the release of your movie and of course for your next book. I enjoyed Pope Joan so much, could not put it down. Your style of writing makes it impossible to put the book down. Each chapter got better and better. What a pleasure it was to meet you.

Name: Carol Tess
Location: De Pere, WI
Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Time: 10:24 PM

Dear Donna, Thank you for the 50 delightful minutes you spent chatting by speakerphone with my 3rd Book Club in Green Bay. The time went by so fast - everyone was fascinated with your wealth of information, your knowledge of the subject and the history that you shared with us. You have made Pope Joan, once again, come alive! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Warm Regards, Carol Tess

Name: Patricia Engler
Location: Eldersburg, MD
Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Time: 07:52 AM

Our book club has been meeting once a month for about 3 years now, and the Pope Joan book discussion was our best one. Thank you for taking a whole hour to discuss Pope Joan, your new book, and the upcoming movie. We all enjoyed your insight as to why you wrote Pope Joan the way you did. You have a great sense of humor. It made the hour fly by. I would highly recommend this book to any book club and the speakerphone chat is wonderful. We all look forward to your next novel.

Name: Malin S.
Location: Germany, Europe
Date: Monday, April 26, 2004
Time: 06:05 AM

This is one of the best books I ever read. I find the outor hab a really good idear whith writing a book about a Legend.

Name: Nancy VerWest
Location: Houston, Texas
Date: Thursday, April 22, 2004
Time: 05:28 AM

Our book club chat with you was the highlight of our newly established book club. Our chat with you brought much insight to your process of writing a wonderful historical novel. Reading the novel and our chat with you wanted us to learn more about this time in history. Thank you also for sharing with us your favorite historical writers. Shortly after our chat with you a friend from England brought The Knight Templar by Jan Guillou. It is the second book of a trilogy but unfortunately I haven't been able to buy the others in the US. Thank you again for your labor of love. Nancy VerWest

Name: Carol Tess
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
groupname: Monday Shakespere
Date: Monday, April 19, 2004

If Donna Woolfolk Cross decides to speak with our book club it will be the 3rd book club that I belong to that she has called! The first time was September 10th, 2001. We all remember what happened the next day and I was worried about her because I knew she planned to be in NY that day. I do believe I am one of her biggest fans and I know for sure Pope Joan is my favorite book! Carol Tess


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Name: Lindsay Scott
Location: Ithaca, NY
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This book is absolutely amazing! It is inspiring to women and their roles in society. It brings on a new ambition to take advantage of all that women have achieved and encourages one to go far beyond that. Donna Cross writes in a way that is compelling and influential.

Name: Gerald Black
Location: New York
Date: Sunday, April 11, 2004
Time: 08:50 PM

For everyone who keeps commenting on how Pope Joan did exist and it's some massive conspiracy to keep women down you should keep in mind that this book is listed as being fiction. I think the story itself is quite interesting and worth telling, but nothing more than a story.

Name: Susan Armstrong
Location: Cincinnati, OH
groupname: Glendale Lyceum Book Group
Date: Sunday, April 11, 2004

Two friends in two separate book clubs reported the speakerphone chat was a highlight for their groups.

Name: Sharon Thurner
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Pope Joan is a book to savor. My sister in law from Austria told me about the book and what a wonderful find. It is a period that I don't know much about, but Pope Joan makes me want to learn more. Well done!

Name: RMR
Location: West Allis, WI
Date: Monday, April 05, 2004
Time: 09:49 PM

One of the best books I've read-very engaging, relevant to today's political & religious events. Thanks for a great read!

Name: Martina
Location: Kosice, Slovakia
Date: Monday, April 05, 2004
Time: 09:33 AM

Thank you Donna for remembering of great history and adventure of Pope Joan.

Name: Rena
Location: Slovakia, Central Europe
Date: Friday, April 02, 2004
Time: 11:00 AM

Oh, what a novel! Congratulations to the author. Great material to rethinking the history, too.

Name: (no name)
Location: Ohio, USA
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2004
Time: 01:40 PM

This book was awesome! My compliments to Donna W. Cross. Does anyone know where she got the idea for the book? It was a good historical novel that i couldn't put down. I read it in 3 hours straight.

Name: Anne
Location: Deutschland
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Time: 10:53 AM

Does somebody knows, when Donna W. Cross is born?? Please, quickly!! Must know tomorrow for the school. Have looked already everywhere in the net, nothing has found.

Name: Ginny Baier
Location: Manchester, Vermont
Groupname: Mark Skinner Library Book Discussion Group
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Program Director of the Mark Skinner Library recommended that we would enjoy this unique opportunity. As facilitator of this particular book discussion I certainly agreed to pursue it. Thanks so much.

Name: Nancy VerWest
Location: Houston, Texas
Groupname: Lakes on Eldridge Book Club
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I was walking with a friend this morning and told her I was reading POPE JOAN for our book club. She informed me that you do speakerphone chats and that Twin Lakes Book Club had a conversation with you. If all possible we would like to chat with you. If it is not possible, and I apoligize for the short notice, we will enjoy our discussion of POPE JOAN and look forward to the movie. Thanks for even offering this. Nancy VerWest


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Name: Judy Amstutz
Location: Dallas, TX
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Time: 11:45 PM

Our bookclub had a wonderful, in-depth discussion of POPE JOAN with the author and we are enthusiastically grateful for her time and input. She provided interesting perspective on her development of the plot, and excellent insight on the major themes of the story. It was a high point for our club, a first in our seven years of monthly meetings. Too bad other authors don't also capitalize on this opportunity, but then, it takes a special person to field the myriad questions from very diverse groups. Thank you, Donna Cross, for a thought-provoking experience, from all of us. Judy Amstutz

Name: Martha Chang
Location: Los Angeles, Ca USA
Date: Monday, March 15, 2004

I am a film producer and was inspired by the Pope Joan story and have read several books on the subject.(Can search my name at imdb.com) I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Cross's novel and was curious to know the status of the film project at New Line Cinema. Thank You for your attention.

Name: jean thomas
Location: Seneca.SC
Groupname: Third Monday Book Club
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2004


Name: Samantha Denton
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I was in a book club several years ago that read Pope Joan and had a "chat" with Ms. Cross during our book club meeting. Since that time, I have recommended and gifted "Pope Joan" to many people. I am going to give a book review on the book in a women's group that is scheduled for March 29. The group will not have read the book, so a "chat" with Ms. Cross is probably not the best forum. However, if Ms. Cross has any suggestions or advice regarding a format for a book review on her book, I would greatly appreciate the input. I want to be able to convey enough information to get people interested in the book, but not give so much away that they aren't motivated to go get the book and read it. Thank you for any help that you can provide. Samantha Denton

Name: Bunni Viehman
Location: Houston, Texas
Date: Monday, March 08, 2004
Time: 11:11 AM

Dear Ms Cross: The bookclub, just loved "meeting" with you on the phone. Everyone had a fabulous time and we all thank you very much. Regards, Bunni Viehman

Name: Leslie
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: Sunday, March 07, 2004
Time: 10:27 PM

Our book club had the wonderful experience of having Donna join our discussion via speakerphone last month. We had never (in the almost 20 years of meeting) actually gotten the opportunity to speak directly to the author before, and we all agreed that it really helped us understand the book's content and historical information as well as the author's intent. Donna was great to talk to, and spent quite a long time answering our many questions. Really a fun evening!

Name: Delia Nistler
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004

Everyone in our Book Review Group, after reading the book, has espressed appreciation that I chose POPE JOAN for one of our reviews this year. It certainly fits in with our goal to improve the status of women. There are so many aspects to be examined; I'm really looking forward to our discussion, of which I will be moderating. Thank you for your consideration. Delia


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Name: Jody Hoard
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: Monday, March 01, 2004
Time: 11:02 AM

Over a year ago my bookclub read Pope Joan and had a speakerphone conference with Donna Cross. Several bookclubs here read the book on our recomendation and several had conferences as well. We still continue to be ambassadors for this book and story. We are all anxious to find out about the time the movie will be out or filmed or anything that might give us a clue as to when it may in the news. We would love an update and also to find out about timing for Ms. Cross' new book on a french woman in history. Best Regards, Jody Hoard

Name: Joanne O. Heggen
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Date: Monday, March 01, 2004
Time: 10:19 AM

Our group of eight met January 29, 2004, and the telephone hook up worked perfectly. We had a lot of questions and could have asked more yet. Pope Joan is an interesting concept, some of us had heard about it before and some hadn't. We enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the author and were delighted that Donna was so accessible and easy to talk with. Thank you for this opportunity. Joanne

Name: Carol Kupinski
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Date: Saturday, February 28, 2004
Time: 10:23 AM

Donna, We so enjoyed talking with you on Feb.15. Everyone said how delightful you were and all the info that you provided re "Pope Joan" and learning about your background as a writer. I would strongly recommend book clubs to take this opportunity to chat with Donna. It was the highlight of the year for our book club. Thanks so much

Name: Megan Guilford
Location: New York
Date: Friday, February 27, 2004
Time: 06:10 PM

I am a freshman from Belleville-Henderson Central School and i would like to thank you for giving my global class a teleconfrence.We really appreciated and enjoyed it.I really enjoyed your book because I want to do something history related when I am older. I like reading about historical fiction and wars.I look forward to watching the movie when i comes out.Thank you again for your time and information for my global class, it was a fun and learning experience for all of us.

Name: Sandra Conway
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: Friday, February 27, 2004
Time: 07:28 AM

My bookclub had a wonderful chat with Donna! She was so engaging and interesting - what a gift to her readers.

Name: Nancy Boyer
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2004
Time: 10:19 PM

Our book group read the book. This was one of the most riveting and intelligent books I've read in a long time. I really enjoyed the chat our group had with Donna. I was very interested to learn about her research and to know why she didn't include a glossary. I can understand her reasons, but I still would have liked one. I am very much looking forward to her next book. I learned so much about life at that time. Fascinating.

Name: Marcia Sumerix
Location: Essexville, MI
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Time: 06:33 PM

What a wonderful experience actually talking to the author by speakerphone! Donna was very candid about her research and the whole process of writing the novel. It was very enlightening. It really was an exceptional interview with Donna. It was the highlight of our book discussions for this year. Marcia


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Name: Ann McAnally
Location: Orlando,Fl
Date: Saturday, February 21, 2004
Time: 01:35 PM

Dear Mrs. Cross, I just happened to pick up a copy of Pope Joan at Books-a-Million store and thought it looked interesting to me. I found out that it surely was interesting to read and learn about the strength of a young and highly intelligent girl and what she did with that life. I sure wish that I had learned about what I could have accomplished in my life if I could have been taught that "I could do 'Anything'with enough courage behind me, like she did. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. Girls do matter! It is about time the world knew this. Keep writing. I shall look forward to seeing your book made into a movie. I know that you could not do what you wanted to do to bring it to the screen as it should be, but it will be something for all women to see and learn about themselves. Thank you again. A senior citizen who you made happy. Ann

Name: Ruthann Young
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Groupname: THE Book Club
Date: Monday, February 16, 2004

We are 19 women, ages 50's and 60's, who have been meeting monthly for 19 years.  We have met with several regional authors, but a visit with Donna Woolfolk Cross would be the alltime highlight of our years of reading together. We always have lively discussions; I am reading the book currently and foresee one of our best. . . . Thank you for the opportunity! Ruthann Young

Name: Mindy HOlland
Location: Schnectady NY
Groupname: Temple Sisterhood Evening Book Group
Date: Saturday, February 14, 2004

A friend's book group had a wonderful experience with Donna, we'd love the same.

Name: Margaret
Location: Cincinnati OH
Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Time: 11:37 PM

I bought the book and I couldn't put it down. I'm sending it to my daughter in Madison, WI. She is going to introduce it to her book club.

Name: Jennifer Krueger
Location: Fargo, ND
Groupname: Spiritual Mash Potatoes and Gravy
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Thank you for this opportunity Donna! I appreciate your time and dedication to this idea.

Name: Rajada Fleming
Location: Houston Texas
Groupname: Assistance League of Houston
Date: Thursday, February 05, 2004

Captivating story! I finished the book in one week.

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Name: Leslie Trow
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Groupname: Stratton Ridge Women's Book Club
Date: Monday, February 02, 2004

Our book club enjoyed Pope Joan tremendously! Although we would've enjoyed chatting with Ms. Cross, the time differences and everyone's busy schedules prevents us from doing so. We did however have questions that we hoped Ms. Cross might respond to via the e-mail address included. 1. We were wondering if Joan's identity might have been questioned when she emerged from the dungeon after two, maybe three weeks, without at least the stubble of a beard? 2. Is there an update on the future movie of Pope Joan? We're anxiously awaiting it! 3. Many of us have children interested in writing. Is there any advice you would pass along to them? Our book club members are particularly impressed and appreciative of Ms. Cross's dedication to the research required to complete this work. What passion! Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable read. We're looking forward to Ms. Cross's next novel as well. Sincerely, Leslie Trow

Name: Deborah White
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Time: 06:51 PM

Ou group was so pleased to get the chance to talk to you by speakerphone last night. The opportunity to actually talk to the author, gave us insights into the book that we might never have noticed or understood. We continued to talk even more about Joan and the book after the phone chat had ended. Thanks again for being a part of our group for one evening.

Name: Shlomit Sela
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Time: 03:00 AM

What a wonderful book. It was really painful to bring it back to the library...

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Name: Paula Turner
Location: Bridgewater, MA
groupname: Bridgewater Bookworms
Date: 01/27/2004

This book was recommended to me by another book club. I recommended it to mine, and everyone is talking about it without having finished it.

Name: Carolyn K. Hild
Location: Stillwater, MN 55082
groupname: Book Break
Date: 01/27/2004

My friend said that your conversations with them made theirs the best book club they've ever had.

Name: Alice Tibbetts
Location: St. Paul, MN
Date: 01/27/2004

This is a fascinating book. I am really enjoying it. And, I appreciate the character Gerrold as a confidante.

Name: Jane Imber
Location: Lawrence, KS
Groupname: Quail Run Staff Book Club
Date: 01/18/2004

We are staff at an elementary school who have read books together for seven years. Our January discussion was on Pope Joan, and we are hoping we'll be able to schedule an interview for our last staff day before the summer break.

Name: Barb Gallagher
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date: 01/17/2004

We are in our fifth year and we have had some local guest authors, but nothing like this!!

Name: Judy Amstutz
Location: Dallas, TX
Date: 01/03/2004

We are an established group sponsored by Border's in Dallas, meeting monthly since 1997, member-led, usually 10-15 participants, ages 35-80 yrs. We select books by group vote either by or about women. We would be thrilled to have the author join us by phone to discuss this book. We will arrange a location in one of our homes (rather than at the bookstore) when the chat date is confirmed. Thank you... Judy Amstutz

Name: Kim Johnson
Location: Mclean, Va
Date: 01/03/2004

This is the second time I have read this book and I am enjoying even more this time! I am excited to introduce it to my book club. After being in a few book clubs and discussing many books, I think this book is one of the best for a lively discussion. It would be a first for this book group, (a group that has been meeting for 24 years) to have the author in on the discussion. I sincerely hope it works out with Ms. Cross' schedule! Thank you! Kim Johnson


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